About SG Audio Services


The Owner

Steve "Grif" Griffiths has been in the audio and music industry for over 45 years. Arriving in the USA in 1977, Grif was with TASCO - an international UK-based production company whose client list included Deep Purple, Electric Light Orchestra, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Whitesnake, Kiss, Blue Oyster Cult, The Scorpions, Motley Crue and many others. While there, Grif built a large Turbosound rig which he used to set up an Australian division of TASCO. In 1992, Grif moved to South Africa to run the audio at Sun City. While there, he worked with a variety of African bands, the Miss World pageant, and in a career highlight, was responsible for the sound at Nelson Mandela's inauguration.

Returning to The USA in 1994, Grif resumed his position as live sound engineer for Blue Oyster Cult. Since moving to Oregon, Grif has remained active in the regional music scene, both as a performing musician and working with audio, e.g. at the Ebey Island Freedom Festival in Washington state, a four-day event with 45 bands.

Grif is still in the audio business, providing equipment and services for shows and events.

The Equipment

We have assembled a carefully selected set of audio packages centered around a core of Midas and Turbosound, with additional Behringer consoles for smaller events. Midas and Turbosound were chosen for their long history of proving equipment for major events, a well-earned stellar reputation in the touring industry; for their ability to evolve with time and technology; and the consistency of their brand from entry level to high-end equipment.

In our selection of equipment, we have embraced technology. Most of our mixers can be controlled by tablets - some of them can only be controlled by tablets - but we can still offer analog mixers for those more comfortable with a classic layout.