We carry a range of "standard" and specialized mics for many purposes.

Our Stock include the industry standard SM58 vocal mic along with equivalents from Sennheiser, AKG and Beyer.

Each mic has it's pros and cons and we will be happy to discuss the relative merits.

Following these are higher end vocal mics from Shure, Sennheiser and Rode when you know what you prefer to use.

We also carry various Instrument mics mics, and drum specific mics, as well as a number of DI boxes.

Wireless mics are available as handheld mics, headset mics and lapel mics

Rental rates are by "level" rather than by microphone, and be sure to check out our Packaged systems as they include sufficient microphones for the purpose.

Rental Cost:

Standard Vocal or Instrument Microphone

1 Day: $5.00

2 Day: $7.00

3 Day / Week: $10.00

High End Vocal Mics

1 Day: $7.00

2 Day: $10.00

3 Day / Week: $14.00

Wireless Mic (Sennheiser EW-135G3 Handheld / Sennheiser EW-152G3 Headset)

1 Day: $40.00

2 Day: $60.00

3 Day / Week: $80.00

Shure SM58Shure SM57AKG8000sBeyer DDynamic V30D

Rode M2Sennheiser e935Sennheiser e835CAD Drum Mic Kit