Turbosound IP2000.

An excellent choice for a solo performer or band band playing in a coffee shop or bar. Alternatively use in pairs for a larger stage and venue for band use, and leave the monitors behind.

The speaker system fits into any car, doesn't need stands, and take very little floor space. In addition, what you hear is what the audience hears.

It has two inputs so can be used by itself for a solo acoustic performer, or can be provided with a small mixer for band use. In addition the IP2000 has a Bluetooth connection so that house music can be played without using up inputs.

Provided with a microphone, stand and cables along with covers and bags for the speakers.

Options include a mixer and wireless microphone.

Rental Cost:

1 Day: $40.00

2 Day: $60.00

3 Day / Week: $80.00

Add a Mixer: (Behringer X Air XR12 / Behringer Xenyx X1622)

1 Day: $15.00

2 Day: $22.00

3 Day / Week: $30.00

Add a Wireless Mic (Sennheiser EW-135G3 Handheld / Sennheiser EW-152G3 Headset)

1 Day: $40.00

2 Day: $60.00

3 Day / Week: $80.00

Turbosound IQ Series

Powerful, Smart, Intelligent.

2500W 15" Tops, with 3000W 18" Subs. Stackable, Pole mountable, or use our custom mounts

Rental Cost:

2 x IQ15

1 Day: $80

2 Day: $120.00

3 Day / Week: $160.00

2 x SB18

1 Day: $90.00

2 Day: $135.00

3 Day / Week: $180.00

Orders of IQ/SB include custom mounts

Turbosound TFX122M-AN Flashline Series 2-way Stage Monitor, 12"

1000 watt powered 12" coaxial monitor. The coaxial speaker means that the sound does not change as you move around. The low profile allow it to get close in to the performer.

The built in DSP includes feedback detection and a learn feature that lets it find it's own feedback frequencies and adjust pull them out.

Can be connected via XLRs or by Cat5 ultranet.

All in all a highly versatile stage monitor. It also includes a pole mount for use as a small PA system.

Provided with power and connection cables.

Rental Cost:

1 Day: $20.00

2 Day: $30.00

3 Day / Week: $40.00