Gig Night

TurboSound Rig.

When you need more power and need to fill more space, the TurboSound IQ series will fill your needs. The IQ15 is a 2500W powered speaker with a 15" woofder and a 1" horn. The SB18 is a 3000W powered 18" sub-bass cabinet. With 2 each of these you have an 11,000W PA that fits in a small van

Provided with crank poles to place the speakers over the sub-bass, and all necessary cabling.

As part of the basic Gig NIght package, a pair of Mackie Thump are included for use as monitors. For other monitoring options, please contact us.

Mixers / Microphones

Different bands have different needs and different budgets - a power trio doesn't need a 40 channel console, a 3 act show might prefer the convenience and flexibility. We offer a choice of 3 options.

Behringer X18R.

An 18 channel digital mixer that is also the stage box and controlled via a tablet (supplied). You can mix yourself from the stage or have someone mix you from the house. Provided with mics and cabling

Behringer X32 Core*

A 32 channel digital mixer that fits into a 19 inch rack. When you need the extra inputs and don't have the space for a full size mixer. This mixer is provided with 2 16 channel remote stage boxes that are connnected with a single CAT 6 cable (no heavy snakes), and is tablet controlled. Provided with additional mics and cabling

Midas M32*

The flagship of the Music Groups X/M line, the M32 is a 40 input digital console with a complete control surface, moving faders, and a comprehensive set of user controls, metering and display screen. Also fitted with an Z-Live card so that you create full 32 track recordings onto SD cards. Provided with a full complement of mics and cables.

All systems provided with Stands and Power.

* the X32 Core and M32 options require one member of SG Audio to be present in addition to equipment cost. Rate is negotiable based on the event.

Rental Cost:

With Xr18 / Tablet

1 Day: $250

2 Day: $325

3 Day / Week: $500

With X32 Core / Tablet*

1 Day: $300

2 Day: $450

3 Day / Week: $600

With M32*

1 Day: $450

2 Day: $675

3 Day / Week: $900

Behringer X18R

Behringer X32 Core

Midas M32