Band Party

Mackie Thump Band Rig.

Low cost package designed for a band gig playing to up to about 200 people, with mixer, monitors and mics

The Mackie speakers are light (35lbs) and are an easy lift onto the stands. They are powered speakers so there is no amplifier rack to worry about. The package will fit into most non-compact cars,

The Mackie Thumps have been around for a long time and are well known for their ability to fill space with sound and - as their name implies - provide plenty of bass.

For larger spaces or noisy environments adding a Sub bass takes this system to another level. Couple with a 1000 watt Behringer 18" sub bass, the dance floor will be hopping, and the main speakers will have more reserve power.

The monitors are Kustom 12" powered low profile wedges.

The standard mixer provided with the package can take up to 4 microphones and 4 stereo line source, has effects, + aux outs for separate monitors and is easy to use.

If you want more control of your sound and want to mix from the house, the mixer can be swapped for a Behringer XAir18 digital console. These are tablet controlled, so need to be used by someone comfortable with tablets.

Provided with a mixer, 4 microphones, stand and cables along with covers and bags..

Options include a sub-bass, digital mixer and wireless microphone.

Rental Cost:

With Analogue Mixer

1 Day: $60.00

2 Day: $90.00

3 Day / Week: $180.00

With Digital Mixer w/Tablet

1 Day: $80.00

2 Day: $120.00

3 Day / Week: $240.00

Add a Sub Bass: (Behringer 1800 Pro D

1 Day: $20.00

2 Day: $30.00

3 Day / Week: $40.00

Add a Wireless Mic (Add a Wireless Mic (Shure DLX series))

1 Day: $40.00

2 Day: $60.00

3 Day / Week: $80.00