Midas / Turbosound.

For larger venues and outdoor shows, this 22,000W Turbosound rig is what you need. 4 Turbosound IQ15 Speakers over 4 Turbosound SB18 Subbass cabinets. Monitors include 4 Turbosound 12" coaxial floor monitors and 2 Mackie Thump 15" speakers for drum fills.

Control is provided by a Midas M32* digital console with an optional separate monitor console. System is provides with a full complement of Stands, Mics and DI boxes, along with stage power

The console is fed from remote stage boxes via a single CAT 5 cable - no heavy snakes.

* This requires the presence of at least one SG Audio Services representative. Rates are negotiable - please contact us for specifics.

Rental Cost:

1 Day: $500.00

2 Day: $750.00

3 Day / Week: $1000

Add a Monitor Console (Midas M32R)

1 Day: $160.00

2 Day: $240.00

3 Day / Week: $320.00

Add a Wireless Mic (Shure GLX Series)

1 Day: $40.00

2 Day: $60.00

3 Day / Week: $80.00